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Management in USA

Management Courses in USA

A Management Degree lets students have a comprehensive understanding of all topics relating to business like finance, marketing, operations and economics. It equips them with not just technical knowledge but practical exposure as well as transferable soft skills. For students looking for quality courses in management, the United States of America is a land of opportunity.

With nearly 4500 universities spread amongst 50 states, America is home to some of the best institutes of higher education in the world. In fact, business and management is what draws the greatest number of students to American Universities.

Why Study in the USA

  • Schools in USA offer countless areas of study and specialty degrees to foreign students. One can choose from a variety of disciplines – marketing, accounting, international business, business administration, business management and finance – at the undergraduate, graduate as well as doctorate level.
  • The country has a Unique Higher Education System wherein there may be as few as 10 students in a class, giving each student the personal attention that’s needed in order to succeed. Students are encouraged to contribute to discussions while in class; Professors maintain a close, friendly relationship with the students, thus keeping them motivated.
  • United States, the leader in multiple areas of technology and research, provides tangible exposure to advanced technology and research within the duration of the management courses.

Requirements for application in a US University

  • For management studies in USA, An undergraduate degree from an accredited institution is required.
  • Most of the Business schools and Universities in USA prefer work experience of two to three years before they take in the candidate. However, some Universities may accept students without work experience.
  • GMAT is required by most of the business schools in the US. The GMAT score is an important parameter for the Universities to select students for the management program. In addition, GMAT is also important because it helps international students get visa.
  • IELTS is another important exam that international students must take; it provides a well-rounded assessment of one’s fluency in English speaking and minimum required English writing skills, an important factor for admission in any US University.

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