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Your search for the Best Study Consultants in India is sure to end at our office here at Sure Success Educational Trust. The graduation period is perhaps the most critical phase of your life because what you are taught here will be critical from a career perspective. Hence, you need to follow everything taught at the university. However, we know that it is easier said than done because in a university classroom, there is a serious lack of personal care or attention. The professional will convey the teachings in general and if you could not follow, there just could long term implications. It is just at this juncture if you are in need of some help, we are ready to help you out with personalized care.

We operate as study consultants and look to cater to your personal concerns. We have been operational since 2012 and hence boast of perfect expertise in the industry. You would perhaps want an update on the various courses and the list includes medical, engineering or even MBA courses. For the engineering courses we offer guidance on B tech, diploma and all disciplines. We are quite careful on the selection of faculty for coaching purposes. We have selected some of the best of teachers to guide you on your studies. Hence, if you are facing any of concerns elsewhere just free to communicate and we will just be happy to listen to your concerns. In fact, if you are looking to study abroad we offer all possible assistance ranging from coaching, sanctioning an education loan and even arranging for a visa. Hence, there is all possible assistance from your end for your educational matters.


Engineering – B-Tech and Diploma (All Disciplines)

Management: – MBA, MCA, BBA, BCA, BHM, BBM, BBS

Our Services

  • Counselling and Career Guidance
  • Admission and Visa Processing
  • Education Loan and Forex Services
  • Pre-Departure Assistance
  • Lodging, Boarding and Other Value Added Services

Career Counselling

Every student faces the question of which course to choose after completing class 12th. A helpless 16 years old student is faced with the number of courses to choose from and the only career advice he/she has is the opinion of his/her parents, teacher’s judgment based on the marks scored in previous academic years, or comments of friends and neighbors. Unfortunately, the student struggles to decide on the right educational stream suitable for him/her due to the complexities arising out of opinions received from different people.

Besides engineering and medicine, there are plenty of other courses which students can explore if they have knowledge about the same. Unfortunately, many students are unaware about various courses that they can consider. It is at this point that a Career Counselling service for a student can assist him/her pass through these turbulent times. Career Counselling can help students look at different career opportunities taking into consideration the socio-economic situations.

What is Career Counselling ?

Career Counselling is a process of assisting students regarding educational issues such as course and college selection. It helps students to make wise decision regarding their future career paths.

Career Counselling sessions will provide you with an opportunity to decide on the course that is appropriate and within your potential. Your skills, interest, academic strengths and weaknesses, and preferences will be evaluated through tests, and then matched to streams that meet your needs.

The importance of Career Counselling is that it clarifies your thought and helps you to identify your core interest.

When to Choose Career Counselling?

With various courses available to choose from, often students are unable to discover their interests and potentials at the stage. This is when pressure starts building. In this case, seeking the help of a qualified and experienced career counselor becomes essential who can help in finding out your potential and aptitude and accordingly suggest the right course.

How to Choose a Career Counselor?

While credentials are not the only thing you should look at, career counselors are good starting point when you are choosing someone to counsel you about your educational matter. Look for a professional career consultant who,

  • Demonstrate different courses, their demand, and career options.
  • Clearly explain their services and associated costs.
  • Be committed to maintaining high standards in their services.
  • Focus on minimizing stress and anxiety.
  • Works with all kinds of students whether they are underachievers or top scorers.
  • Spends quality time learning about your teenage and finding out what kind of stream would be best for you academically, geographically, socially and financially.

How Does a Career Counselor Work?

The teenage years are often the most transformative and crucial stage of a student’s life. Most of the times students make decisions based on their limited knowledge or pre conceived notions. It is not easy to peep in to the reality of every profession. Career advice by a career counselor helps every student on the path to a holistic development in the areas of academics. A career counselor provides career guidance after 12th std. to determine the best course for you to help you achieve your goals. A career consultant not only help you explore the best career options, but also help you make the right career decision that is suitable to your interest and abilities.

A career counselor:

  • Determines your requirements with regard to what you wish to pursue once you complete your class 12th.
  • Formulates a good plan for you with regard to looking at courses, colleges or career.
  • Helps you in the decision-making process.
  • Guide you through you educational journey.
  • Provides moral support.
  • Meet students regarding educational matter.
  • Identifies the suitable course based on your personal and academic strengths along with career options associated with it.
  • Answers questions relating to financial aid to pursue educational goals.

Benefits of Career Counselling:

Guidance and Counselling in education is very important to make a good career decision. Career Counselling is really beneficial for students on deciding which course to embark on, and there are many reasons it is necessary:

  • Regular aptitude tests and counselling sessions conducted by career experts can help students in finding out the right course that interest them.
  • Career Counselling can help students clear their career doubts by giving them a clear view of what they can expect from various educational courses.
  • A Career Counselor boosts the morale of a student by understanding the kind of requirements.
  • To conclude, the crux of career counselling is to provide the essential guidance and counselling in education that would help the student to pick the right course and ultimately, make the right career decision.

How We Work

Customized consulting: Providing strategy, business planning, and implementation support.

Impact-focused evaluation: Designing and conducting evaluation to improve decision making and performance.

Cutting edge research: Developing and disseminating fresh insights, knowledge briefs, and practical tools for college selection.

End to end service: Our team of experts will provide end to end consultancy services to students wanting to pursue higher studies in India and overseas. Right from initial counseling session, our consultants will be with you every step of the way.


Medical Certified
Engineering Certified
Management Certified


Managing Director

Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught”.-Oscar Wilde

It is our effort to afford sky-scraping superiority technological and professional education to the students so that they may shine in any area they pick for their professional profession. We give the students all support and encouragement to help them discover their full potential. Today in the era of liberalization, privatization & globalization we try to groom nourish & nurture our students in such a way that they are fully equipped to meet the global demands.


Marketing Director

Every effort is made by the department to meet as often as possible with each student and be accessible to them at all times. Parents and guardians are also welcome to meet with the us and contact us any time to discuss any concerns they may have.